Wrath of the Righteous - well . . . the somewhat righteous?

Armasse is coming!

For weeks, excitement has been building as the holiday of Armasse approaches. Once a holiday meant to allow historians and scholars to study the wars of the past, since the opening of the Worldwound and the beginning of the Mendevian Crusades, the holiday has taken on a more practical purpose. Training commoners, selecting squires, and ordaining new priests have become the focus of this holiday.

Still, when living on the edge of the Worldwound, the festival will be a welcome diversion. Jousting competitions, mock duels, reenactments of past battles, and other festival events serve to distract the beleaguered city from the constant danger of the demonic threat and the hard life that comes from being on the front lines in the war. The entire city is abuzz in celebration, but most of the events take place in Clydwell Plaza. Our heroes have been lucky enough to find good spots to observe the opening ceremonies that take place at noon.


Scaevola77 Scaevola77

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